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RI01 Manual Bottle Rinser - 2 or 4 Nozzle

  • £89500

Designed to guard against foreign bodies like glass fragments, cardboard, hairs, insect parts, NOT to clean and sterilise dirty bottles!

Two or four spring-loaded nozzles in a stainless sink unit. Bottles are rinsed by pushing them down over the nozzles. May be fed with water from the mains supply, sterilant or alcohol via an optional pump, or used as a ‘blower’ with inert gas (e.g. nitrogen / CO2) or compressed air.

A filter for the rinse fluid is recommended. Food safe construction, mostly in stainless. nozzles may be individually plumbed in to provide different rinse fluids, e.g. sterilant + water.

*Other micron cartridges available on request

Four nozzle version allows bottles to be left inverted on one pair, for extra drain time.

  • Speed 500 – 1500 bottles per hour
  • Various configurations available 
  • Dimensions: D49 x W34 x H72cm

Stainless 10 litre reservoir HERE

Info sheet found HERE

Delivery time normally 1 to 10 days