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FL04b Ultra Filler 2 Dual Head Vacuum Filler

  • £1,26500

Compact, self-contained bench-top units. Bottles are placed under the nozzle and a special pump draws a vacuum, causing liquid to be sucked out of your feed vessel and filled into the bottle to a pre-set level. 

Constructed entirely of Stainless Steel, the units are equipped with two high-efficiency and highly accurate Stainless Steel filling nozzles.

The fillers are suitable for non-carbonated, non foaming liquids, including wines, liqueurs, spirts (even those over 20% ABV) bottle-conditioned beer, still cider, oils, thin purees/sauces without particles, toiletries and cleaning chemicals, of low viscosity and are easily adaptable for most shapes and sizes of bottle and jar. Suitable only for GLASS or other rigid-walled containers.

  • Standard nozzles fit bottles with min.18mm neck.
  • Mini nozzles available for min. 8mm necks.
  • Wide cone rubbers available for larger necks. 
  • Stainless steel nozzles suitable for alcohol higher than 20% ABV and bottling at high temperatures 
  • Dimensions: 20x49x42cm
  • Fills up to 400 bottles per hour

Note: Standard stainless steel nozzles are for wine, water and spirits, if you require nozzles for oil, bottle conditioned beer or mini nozzles, please contact us

Note: if filling sugary products we would recommend an Oil Bath Filter to save from damaging the vacuum pump over time. 

The oil bath vacuum filter is used to protect the vacuum pump on an FL04 filling machine. when using products containing sugar: fruit gins, liqueurs, cordials, etc.

The oil bath filter is positioned between vacuum pump and the liquid recovery vessel. The housing body is filled with Vaseline oil, sunflower oil or similar. The oil should be checked periodically and changed before it becomes saturated and dirty.

There is no contact between oil and product. 

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