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Tri Clamp Spunding Valve

  • £18500

Spunding valves (Bunging valves) are variable pressure relief valves, commonly used on brewery tanks to assist with carbonation  / maintenance of desired CO2 levels, and release of excess gas during fermentations. 

They are not necessarily suitable as safety pressure relief valves and you should ensure any tanks are operated within their specified SWP ( safe working pressure) and have adequate pressure and vacuum relief fittings.

Our Spunding valves have a 90 degree bend with horizontal 1.5-inch Tri Clamp connection, and a pressure gauge.  Adapters, tees, etc for other connection types can be supplied.  Standard range is 0.2 to 2 bar (3 to 30 psi), with accuracy around 5%.  Other ranges available to special order.  They are graduated in 0.2 bar increments, and fitted with a clear plastic anti-spray shield.

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Gaskets sold separately 

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Gaskets available HERE

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