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CA06 Cap tightener - Pneumatic Bench-top

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LSA Bottle Cappers tighten screw caps from 10 to 130 mm. diameter, depending on model chosen. Torque accuracy and repeatability are excellent. They run on compressed air at 90 psi; they are very quiet and comfortable to use.

Simply place the bottle to be capped onto the base of the machine and depress the foot pedal. This activates the machine to bring the capping motor down onto the cap, tighten to the pre-set torque, then lift the motor back to its initial position ready for the next container.

Torque (tightness) is easily adjusted by rotating a grooved collar, and graduations make it easy to return to previously set values when swapping containers.

OPTIONS include liner-less capping chucks, higher powered models for large caps, bottle gripper bases, modifications for sterile/ clean room environments

Key Features and specifications 

  • Tightens caps from 10mm - 130mm
  • Max bottle height: 14-inches*
  • Max bottle width: 7.25-inches
  • Torque range: 0-250 in.lbs
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Air requirements: 90 - 125 PSI @4.5CFM
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminium construction
  • External torque adjustment dial
  • Reversible: can be used as a de-capper
  • Quick change chuck
  • Anti-rotation base

Custom heights available on request

Info Sheet HERE

Chucks HERE

Spare Chuck Liners HERE


Delivery time normally 7 to 14 days