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FT01 Sheet Filter Unit - 20cm and 40cm

FT01 Sheet Filter Unit - 20cm and 40cm

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A range of sheet filters, both 40cm and 20cm sizes, with or without pumps, and accessories including crossover plates, flow indicators.

Liquid is filtered through a set of disposable cellulose fibre/kieselguhr sheets clamped between plastic distribution/drainage plates.

Clarity is determined by grade of sheet used, and near 'sterile' filtration can be achieved with care. Liquid must be fed from a pressure tank, or via a pump, at a controlled flow rate.

A wide range of sizes are available and most units come with inlet and outlet valves, pressure gauges, drip tray and on a wheeled chassis.

Suitable for non-viscous or semi-viscous liquids (e.g. wine, beer, spirits, vegetable oil).

Pumps are available for most models

Delivery time normally 21 to 28 days

Example pricing (approximate):

  • 20cm, 20-plate 'wine/beer' model - £765
  • Centrifugal wine/beer pump - Extra £245
  • 20cm, 20-plate version for OIL with variable speed pump - £1,945
  • 40cm, 20-plate - £3,445
  • 40cm, 40-plate - £4,345
  • 40cm, 60-plate - £5,375
  • Cross-over kit for double grade filtration - Extra £495
  • Flow rate indicator - Extra £285

Designs may vary