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FT01b Filter Sheets -  20cm & 40cm

FT01b Filter Sheets - 20cm & 40cm

  • £13000

The XE /AF range of products comprises a comprehensive series of high performance filter sheets designed to meet the needs of a range of specialist applications.

Sheets are available in a range of different grades, in 40cm and 20cm sizes, sold in boxes of 100.

In a sheet (plate) filter, liquid is filtered through a set of disposable cellulose fibre / kieselguhr sheets clamped between distribution/drainage plates.

Clarity is determined by grade of sheet used, and 'sterile' filtration can be achieved with care. Liquid must be fed from a pressure tank, or via a pump, at a controlled flow rate.

Delivery time normally 1 to 7 days

Info sheets HERE and HERE

Sheet filter unit HERE

Please note:

Filtrox Group are in the process the renaming their filter sheets.

During the transitional period, you may still receive goods bearing the old stock code, until stocks are depleted.

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Andrew Learmonth
Filter sheets

They work really well on Apple Juice