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Carbonation Tester - Several Variations (TE-01)

  • £19500

Several variations of these devices are available: all measure the pressure within a container and some have a hollow needle to pierce the cap or cork.

Calculation using tables or a special slide rule to allow for sample temperature gives the carbonation level / CO2 content in ‘volumes’ or grams per litre. Achieving good results depends on following the correct operating procedures, and ensuring consistent test conditions to achieve reproducibility.

Absolute accuracy is not guaranteed although this method for CO2 determination is reproducible and is widely used in the drinks industry. It is recommended to compare results with those from an accredited laboratory from time to time. May also measure vacuum (wine bottles with vacuum corkers / hot bottled product)

Designs may vary

Tank Sampling Instruction Manual HERE

Other configurations on request - please CONTACT US


Slide Rule Carbonation Calculator HERE

Digital Thermometer HERE

Delivery time normally 1 to 10 days