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CA07 Cap Tightener - Pneumatic

  • £92500

LPS  hand-held bottle cappers tighten screw caps from 10 to 130 mm. diameter. The torque output is easily adjusted by turning an external dial. Torque accuracy and repeatablilty are excellent.  They run on compressed air at 90 psi; they are very quiet and comfortable to use.

The cappers are lightweight and include ergonomic features such as push to start and automatic shut off.

LPS capping machines are very easy to use. The operator lowers the chuck onto the cap to be tightened. With a gentle push down (push to start - there are no levers to depress) the machine starts and tightens the cap in a fraction of a second. When the cap reaches the pre-set torque, the machine shuts off automatically, signalling the operator to go to the next cap

Standard machines are supplied with air-hose, tool balancer, and anti-slip mat.

OPTIONS include supports and stands, liner-less capping chucks, higher powered models with torque stabilising arms for large caps, modifications for sterile/ clean room environments. Please CONTACT US. about these items.

Please send samples with order: 2 of each containers, 10 - 20 of each cap.

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Delivery time normally 1 to 14 days