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PR13 Racking Wands

  • £5300

Choice of

  • 1" o.d. tube/1.5" Tri Clamp
  • 1/2" o.d. tube/ 1/2" push-in/10mm hosetail

Stainless pipes with 90-deg bend at the top: for convenient connection to hoses/pumps used for filling or emptying containers or tanks.

Standard versions available in 1-inch pipe with a 1-inch triclamp connection, or ½-inch pipe with a ½-inch (12.7mm) hosetail connection.

110cm length is ideal for IBC’s or Drums, 50cm for jerricans or barrels.

Other sizes / types available on request / made to order, and we can supply valves, hoses etc. to fit.

Info Sheet HERE

Gaskets sold separately 

Clamps available HERE

Gaskets available HERE

Usually available on a next day delivery service