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PR07 Air Operated Pump/Filter Units

  • £33000

Built to your requirements: combinations of pump and/or cartridge filters on a convenient stainless stand, please contact us to make up your own configuration. 

Small air diaphragm pump suitable for moving non-viscous liquids at up to 45°C including drinks up to 96% alcohol.

Maximum flow rate 18 litres per minute, maximum pressure 90 psi / 6 bar. Self-priming from up to 3 metres below.

Powered by compressed air (or nitrogen, or CO2). Can pump at constant pressure, determined by the gas pressure applied, controlled by a regulator and on/off valve.
Standard connections for product are ‘fir tree’ hosebarbs for 10 to 13mm i.d hose (others available).

Standard air connection in to regulator: ¼”BSPfemale, or AP97 quick-release male (others available).

Up to three 10-inch Cartridge Filter housings may be mounted on a stand in addition to a pump, and we recommend a 5-inch ‘damper’ housing to smooth out the pulses for more efficient filtration and to minimise ‘offloading’ of particles.

Recommended flow rates MAXIMUM 5 litres per minute through a 10-inch filter cartridge, and a slower rate will give more efficient filtration.

Filter housings are food grade, compatible with spirits, FDA compliant and meeting BS6920 and WRAS standards. Connecting hoses are PharmaPress: non-tainting and approved for alcohol up to 96%.

We offer a wide range of filter cartridges to fit these units; either DOE (double-open-end) style, or ‘Code 9’ single-open end with an internal o-ring.

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