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SIGHTGLASS: Tri Clamp -1/1.5"

  • £4300

1" and 1.5" triclamp stainless steel sight glass with protective cage.

The Tri Clamp ferrule face is 50.4mm

We supply a wide variety of stainless steel fittings, including: Tri Clamp (triclover), RJT, DIN, and BSP adaptors.

Connectors, hosetails, tees, bends, crosses, reducers, valves, adaptors, strainers, sightglasses, blanks, clamps, gaskets, and pipework items can be fabricated to order, all at competitive prices.

Usually available on a next day delivery service

Gaskets sold separately 

Clamps available HERE

Gaskets available HERE

Only a limited selection is available to buy online: if you don't find what you need, please CONTACT US to order.