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Impeller Liquid Pump PR-02a

  • £41500

Flexible impeller pumps for liquids transfer. Standard pumps have reversible direction switch. Different impeller materials available, e.g for oil, spirits. By-pass allows some speed control and limits maximum  pressure: useful for filtration.

These are 'positive' pumps and will self-prime, and pump until the line is empty, but not run dry for more than a few seconds.

The single-phase LEP-MN34 model sold here is capable of 1,600 litres per hour maximum,  and 2.9 bar maximum, has standard 3/4-inch BSPmale inlet / outlet (optional 1-inch triclamp or RJT fittings), and is supplied with a spare impeller kit and 6 metres of cable with a UK 3-pin plug.

Please inform us which product(s) you intend to pump so we can select the best impeller material.

Many other models and sizes are available: for details please CONTACT US


Delivery time normally 1 to 14 days