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CA09 Pneumatic Capper - Bench-top ‘PCap’

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Perhaps the most versatile and easy to use semi-automatic capping machine ever made.

The ‘PCap’ will tighten any type of screw-on cap, from a standard flat cap to a trigger spray cap or pump cap. It will tighten a wide range of caps, from 15mm - 130mm in diameter. 100% Pneumatic operation.

The PCap owes its versatility and ease of use to its four wheel drive design, which creates extraordinary grip on the cap. When it comes to capping, grip equals control.

The PCap provides outstanding repeatable torque accuracy that will allow you to tighten your caps with as little or as much torque as you desire with none of the constant tweaking and adjusting you may need with other capping machines.

The PCap is also an outstanding de-capping machine. The PCap is easy to set up and use. Simply place a cap loosely onto the bottle and place the bottle onto the base - the machine takes care of the rest. Change-over from one cap and bottle to the next is quick and easy. A gripper base allows hands-free operation, and is useful especially for smaller or short containers.

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