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FT12 Filter Housings Stainless Steel

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Liquid is filtered through a disposable cylindrical cartridge installed in the housing. Typical applications are clarification and  'sterile' filtration of beverages, de-chlorination of process water, powder 'trap' filtration, bottle rinse fluid filtration.

Clarity/removal is determined by the cartridge grade and construction material, and absolute grades of cartridge down to 0.2micron are available for true sterile filtration. Pre-filters are usually of the 'depth-media' type.

Liquid must be fed from a pressure tank, or via a pump, at a controlled flow rate (rule of thumb: maximum 5 litres per minute per 10-inch)

The housing units here are based on Amazon '51 Series' stainless steel and take code 7 (double-o-ring) style cartridges. Complete with stand, inlet and outlet butterfly valves, vent valve, pressure gauge and drain. Inlet and outlet fittings are 1.5-inch triclamp as standard, though adaptors are available to other fittings, e.g. RJT.

A wide range of sizes and types of housing are available, with ancillary items such as inlet and outlet valves, pressure gauges, vent valves and brackets / stands - please CONTACT US .

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