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CA08 Capper - Cork/crown Benchtop

  • £1,38000

Robust, easy-to-use machine for application of:

CORKS: natural, agglomerate, or synthetic, up to 25mm diameter and 45mm long

Plastic or cork stoppers.  Crown caps 26mm or 29mm.  Plastic snap-on caps

Caps or corks are placed manually then closing the safety door and operating a push-button applies the closure to the bottle.

Adjustable guide for different bottle diameters, and easily adjustable for different bottle heights

Operates on compressed air supply. – supplied with filter/ regulator to adjust capping force.

Speed 300-500 bottles per hour.

Dimensions 375 x 325 x 745mm

Version A: for corks, crowns, stoppers, with full safety door

Version B: for crown caps

Version C: for stopper corks (‘T’ corks)


Delivery time normally 1 to 21 days