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MB07 Volumetric Filler and Capper for Spouted Pouches

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This semiautomatic air driven machine is suitable for filling and capping flexible pouches with a spout with liquid/semi-liquid products by means of a FL07 volumetric piston filler and closing with one size of plastic screw cap.

This unit can fill viscous products containing soft particulates or fibres and it is suitable for hot filling (100°C).

Technical features

The machine main frame is stainless steel AISI 304 made, on wheels. All the parts in contact with the product are manufactured with AISI 316 L stainless steel and food grade gaskets. The cap is tightened by a pneumatic motor with torque regulationStainless steel collar support for one format of pouch. Pouch manual individual positioning.

Volumetric filling unit composed of:

  • 1 volumetric dosing unit AISI 316 L stainless steel made
  • 1 food grade set of gaskets
  • 1 three ways rotary valve
  • 1 pneumatic two ways no drop valve with shut off nozzle
  • Food grade flexible hose
  • Hose tail for connecting the machine to the product storage tank

Single head capping unit composed of:

  • 1 pneumatic motor
  • 1 stainless steel chuck for one size of plastic screw cap
  • Manual regulation of the height of the machine depending on the operator stature
  • Nitrogen injection unit (optional extra)

Working principle

The operator puts the pouch on the collar. The volumetric filler determines the volume of product by a hand-wheel regulation. Suction and filling speed are both adjustable in compliance with the requirements. By manually moving a lever, the filling valve goes in working position; the operator starts the filling cycle by pressing a button.

At the end of the filling cycle, the machine can inject nitrogen in the pouch hollow space for increasing the product shelf life and helping preservation. The nitrogen injection time and flow are both adjustable through a delay and a pressure regulator.

Successively, the operator puts the cap on the spout and moves the closing head in capping position, through the lever system. The cap tightening is performed by pressing the start button. The cap torque application is adjustable.


  • Air Consumption: ~250 Nl/min
  • Requirements: compressed air 2÷6 bar

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